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Why invest

What makes TC Energy a solid investment for long-term growth? Our proven strategy, financial strength, 多元化优质资产,提供多个成长平台, dividend growth and financial discipline. 

Proven track record

70多年来,bet8备用线路网址一直致力于以安全和可持续的方式满足日益增长的能源需求. 自2000年以来,bet8备用线路网址为股东提供了巨大的价值,平均年回报率为13%,从那以后,bet8备用线路网址每年都增加股息.

Financial strength


Diversified high-quality assets

TC Energy在北美三个地区经营着三个互补的能源基础设施业务.

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Strong leadership

Led by President & CEO François Poirier, our highly regarded executive leadership team and thousands of inspired employees, bet8备用线路网址在不断变化的能源和商业环境中处于有利地位,以实现bet8备用线路网址的目标.

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Visible dividend growth

自2000年以来,bet8备用线路网址的资产基础从250亿美元增长到1000亿美元以上. Simultaneously, we've raised the annual dividend from $0.80 per share to $3.2021年每股48美元(基于最近宣布的季度股息). bet8备用线路网址的互补基础设施资产组合和220亿美元的有担保增长项目预计将支持每年3%至5%的股息增长.

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Future growth

With continued expected growth in each of our business lines, bet8备用线路网址希望在未来几十年继续发展bet8备用线路网址的业务, delivering growing returns to our investors.


Credit ratings

信用评级旨在为投资者提供一个独立的衡量证券发行信用质量的标准. Credit ratings are not recommendations to purchase, 持有或出售证券,不针对特定投资者的特定证券的市场质量或适合性. 这些是由穆迪、标准普尔等信用评级机构指定的 & Poor's, Fitch, and DBRS. 虽然bet8备用线路网址公司有信用评级,但它不是债务证券的发行人. 债务证券由bet8体育娱乐入口或子公司持有.

TransCanada PipeLines Limited

  Standard & Poor's Moody's Investors Service Fitch DBRS
Senior unsecured BBB+ Baa1 A- A (low)
Trend/rating outlook Stable Stable Stable Stable